The Martin Brothers at Denver Creative Co-Op Studio

Along with Claude Von Stroke, the Martin Brothers (actual brothers Christian and Justin Martin) have carved out a distinctive brand of dance music on the dirtybird label. The brothers have both notched some notable successes on their own, but their collaborations on tracks such as "Dum," "Duckface" and "Stoopit" are arguably their best work. In their DJ sets, the siblings favor a sinuous, muscular strain of techno woven through with haunting melodies that sound as though they were beamed back through time from a strange future where man and machine have given way to something that is both and neither. Incorporating elements of house, hip-hop and alien abductions, it's a fantastic sound that's perfectly suited for the dance floor, but almost as entertaining in your bedroom. They'll be making their first Denver appearance together as the Martin Brothers on Saturday, September 11, at Denver Creative Co-Op Studio (425 Lincoln Street). You'll want to be there.


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