The Medications

The Washington, D.C., punk scene centered around Dischord Records is notorious for its incestuous family tree. The Medications, one of the newest outfits on the imprint's roster, fits right in. Guitarist Devin Ocampo and bassist Chad Molter constituted the core of the underrated Dischord act Faraquet, and Ocampo beat skins for near-legendary labelmate Smart Went Crazy. The two vets recruited drummer Andrew Becker in 2003, and the group released its eponymous debut EP last year. The disc, fittingly enough, fell somewhere between Faraquet's tensely wound math rock and SWC's post-structuralist pop. The trio's new full-length, though, solidifies its own brilliance; titled Your Favorite People All in One Place and produced by Fugazi's Brendan Canty, it's rockier, looser and more exultantly raw than its predecessor. The Medications will appear at the Larimer Lounge with Born in the Flood and Helium's Mary Timony -- who, as a former member of Autoclave, is a Dischord alumnus herself. As it turns out, Ocampo also plays drums in her band. Inbred? Undoubtedly. But the Medications prove there's still a lot of excellence locked in those D.C. genes.


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