The Motet

The nostalgia is infectious on The Motet, the recent self-titled full-length from the Boulder-based funk outfit. Part of that feel comes from the band's expertise in analog effects; thanks to a mastery of old-school pedals, keyboards and horns, songs like "123" sound like they'd fit on any vintage P-Funk record. Then there's the uncanny way that vocalist Jans Ingber summons the timbre of '70s-era Stevie Wonder on tunes like "Knock It Down," along with the lush, syncopated riffs of horn players Matt Pitts and Gabe Mervine. It all adds up to a loving tribute to vintage soul and funk. Happily, though, the album is more than mere imitation. Founder Dave Watts and company make a compelling and original artistic statement out of the old-school cues, and the extended solos, deft songwriting and stunning musicianship all feel fresh and original.


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