The M's

The video for the M's latest single, "Plan of the Man," was directed by Academy Award recipient Jonathan Demme, who's created well-regarded concert films for the likes of Talking Heads -- but the song was also featured in a considerably less hifalutin venue: a March episode of The OC. Incongruous? Maybe not. On their new album, Future Women (available on the Polyvinyl imprint), vocalist/guitarist Josh Chicoine, guitarist Robert Hicks, bassist Joey King and drummer Steve Versaw create sounds that are often far artsier than those managed by the typical indie-rock jangler. Take "Trucker Speed," whose fuzz-laden guitars and reedy singing are supplemented by a thrilling cacophony of honking horns and power-shifting strings. But the four are just as comfortable with more straightforward material, such as "My Gun" and "Never Do This Again," whose noisy melodies and cock-rocking gestures would provide an ideal soundtrack for Mischa Barton's next game of beach-blanket bingo. Whether they're playing for an Oscar-winning director or a tarty starlet, the M's, who share Tuesday night's bill with the Deathray Davies, are letter-perfect.


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