The Nicotine Fits

The musical and cultural time warp of this modern era has cultivated a flood of retro-leaning bands doing third-rate versions of the vital, foundational music that inspired their members to pick up instruments in the first place. The Nicotine Fits stand out from the countless poseurs by invoking the same type of adrenaline-fueled, manic intensity that made groups like the Sonics and Radio Birdman so exciting. While comparisons to the Stooges and the MC5 are inescapable, the Colorado Springs sextet is neither as dark and contorted as Iggy and company nor as politically charged and explosive as the Motor City 5. The Fits (due at the Black Sheep on Saturday, June 28, with the Mansfields and the Hot Finks) are a decidedly more fun bunch — though the guys do have their deliciously caustic moments, particularly when they cover the Dead Boys. Like the Curse, the outfit's debut, doesn't exactly break new ground, but it does offer proof that rock is still alive and kicking.


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