The Nod at One Eyed Jacks

Initially, the Nod probably seems like yet another stoner-rock band. The name alone suggests someone in the band has read William Burroughs deeply, and the clever wordplay present in each song reveals a thoughtful sense of humor rare among bands with a clear grounding in metal and hard rock. Rather than the sludgy neo-psychedelia favored by the stoner-rock contingent, though, the guitar riffing of the Nod is clipped and aggressive against a backdrop of dynamically sinuous rhythms. Not unlike Clutch, this bunch expands what heavy music can be through imaginative arrangements and intelligent, incisive lyrics that creatively use stories to comment on personal and social issues. Catch the Nod this Saturday, April 4, at One Eyed Jacks, when the act celebrates the release of its debut EP, Twisted Romance.


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