The Out East Music Feast promises to live up to its name

The Out East Music Feast promises to live up to its name
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Oh, and speaking of Jen Korte, she's playing a gig next weekend that sounds utterly killer. The Out East Music Feast, as it's been dubbed, features Korte and her band the Loss, with a slew of excellent female singer-songwriters, including two of my absolute faves, Angie Stevens and Judith Avers, along with Melanie Susuras, Coles Whalen, Britt Rodemich, Sarah Slaton, Erin Van Horn and Veronica May. And get this, in addition to playing their own stuff, they're all going to be playing one Michael Jackson song in honor of his birf. Hopefully somebody's going to be taping this thing (ahem, paging Lance Stack. Mr. Lance Stack, please come to a white paging telephone.) Kick ass, right? Wait, there's more. It's not happenign in a club. Nope. This is a campout, so bring your tents and RVs to Byers next Saturday, August 29. Cost is $25 ($5 off with the flier) and there's going to be beers and food on site. See you in Byers -- wherever the hell that is?

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