The Pipettes give girl groups a good name.

The Pipettes

While Amy Winehouse mined the albums of '60s girl groups and Phil Spector for inspiration on Back to Black, the three gals in the Pipettes take a much more playful approach to that era. On its debut, We Are the Pipettes, the British group takes a few vocal cues from the harmonies of the Supremes and the Shangri-Las. The lyrics, on the other hand, are naive enough at times to have been lifted from a teenage girl's diary from that era: There's quite a bit of the boy/girl love stuff alongside wonderfully catchy ditties such as "Dirty Mind," which is about a guy who was squeaky clean on the outside but "had ideas that would make the devil scream." If that doesn't grab you, surely the thought of seeing these lovelies live, all wrapped up in polka-dot dresses, will.


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