The Postmarks

Miami has more than its share of nice Jewish girls — but few of them can sing like Tel Aviv-born Tim [that's not a typo] Yehezkely, who consistently delivers as frontwoman for the Postmarks, currently touring with Brookline. Memoirs at the End of the World represents the players' fourth release in as many years: Predecessors include a 2006 EP, a 2007 full-length, and 2008's By the Numbers, on which they cover acts ranging from Antonio Carlos Jobim to the Jesus and Mary Chain. Still, there's no indication of creative depletion in the assembled tracks, which tend toward the dense and dramatic. "My Lucky Charm," the lead single, sports seemingly banal lyrics that blossom thanks to Yehezkely's multi-tracked vocals; "No One Said This Would Be Easy" mates 007-ready orchestration and percussion flourishes with low-key verses that speak of thieving and mystery; and "Go Jetsetter" drips with pop ennui without devolving into cynicism. That's the Postmarks' stamp.


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