The Psychedelic Furs and Happy Mondays

An Anglophile's tea-infused wet dream, Friday's Boulder Theater bill brings together two British bands that epitomize their respective eras: the Psychedelic Furs and Happy Mondays. The Furs, of course, are responsible for one of the most enduring new-wave hits of the '80s: the refreshingly gruff and guitar-centered "Pretty in Pink," which not only appeared on the soundtrack of, but actually inspired, the late John Hughes's classic film of the same name. The Furs' sound has aged surprisingly well — and, oddly enough, the same can be said of Happy Mondays, a band that once seemed consigned to the dustbin of the '90s Madchester movement, which brought together the funky beats of acid house and the jangling guitars of the indie scene. But while contemporaries like the Stone Roses imploded, never to return, the Mondays have managed a credible reunion — due in part to the group's loving treatment in Michael Winterbottom's 2002 film 24 Hour Party People.


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