The Reals

Sometimes people get lost in circumstances that don't quite make sense, and they're left to wander through time in a search for meaning. Individuals in such situations will undoubtedly relate to The Reals, whose members force dreamy alt-country through their guts by way of documenting their own philosophical wanderings. Vocalists/siblings Matt and Cheyenne Kowal specialize in harsh laments that they croon over an imposing delivery of slide guitars, harmonicas and other instrumentation mastered by Chris Budin, Steve Millin, Tim Zingaro and John Horan. The upshot is sad-bastard, beer-swilling music that ends up feeling just right no matter what direction the band is heading. Find out for yourself on Friday, December 23, at the Bluebird Theater, where the Reals will be joined for an all-ages show by fellow roots-rockers Oakhurst and Zebra Junction. For more information, visit or call the Bluebird at 303-322-2308.


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