The Russian Dragon Band

Art Lande isn't afraid to take chances when it comes to playing piano. The guy's a true musical explorer, and some of his most adventurous playing can be found on the two albums he recorded with the like-minded musicians in the Russian Dragon Band. The Boulder-based group takes its moniker from its ability to flex the pulse, kind of like rushin' and draggin'. Within that ebb and flow, there's an enormous amount of creative energy, which at times can be bold and fierce, at others melancholic or lyrical. While the outfit's played together for two decades, in recent years it's been hard for all of the ensemble's members (including woodwind players Mark Miller, Peter Sommer and Bruce Williamson, bassist Dwight Killian and guitarist Khabu Doug Young) to perform together as a full group. Consequently, they've been playing in various configurations. This weekend, however, you'll have the rare chance to see the full band, and as a bonus, the players will be joined by Kneebody's Shane Endsley on trumpet and drums.


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