The Skivies

Their moniker may sound jokey, but the Skivies — who'll join New Ancient Astronauts and Amphibious Jones on Saturday, September 15, at Cricket on the Hill, for a three-way Denver Art Rock Collective CD-release party — are more than a novelty. The humor on Between Appliance and Apparel has a dark edge that matches the heavier-than-expected music.

Despite vocalist/gadgeteer DJ Von Feldt's opening declaration that "I feel like 40/But I'm only pushing 28," the lead track, "Goat Head," exhibits no signs of exhaustion. To the contrary, the song barrels ahead at an aggressive pace, goosed by random sound effects that add a hint of aural anarchy to the proceedings. "Voyeur With a Cataract" is just as uncontrolled, with guitarist Zahari Tzigularov amping up the story of a woman who "watches porn with the subtitles on," while "Hearding Cats" uses racks of riffs sure to freak out the feline of your choice.

Those are the chances you take when you put on the Skivies.


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