The Soul Pros

"Soul" is obviously the key word here, and the Soul Pros have plenty of it. Anchored by A-L, a fantastic producer and DJ with a deep understanding of sound, song progression and how to blend samples, Soul'd Out also features two excellent MCs who make A-L's beats sound even better. Mike Wird is magnetically understated and poetic, and Pavlo Kee knows how to get into a beat with potent rhymes. The EP's one relative weakness is the track "Money and the Meaning of Life," which dabbles in clichés and includes singing that is too bright for the song's downtrodden tone. But all in all, Soul'd Out is overwhelmingly strong. "Give a Poor Man a Break," which features DJ Fast4Ward and pulls some pieces from foundational old-school hip-hop, is a particular highlight. Strong performances all around make Soul'd Out a wonderful record to groove to.


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