The Soul Pros

"Soul" is obviously the key word here, and the Soul Pros have plenty of it. Anchored by A-L, a fantastic producer and DJ with a deep understanding of sound, song progression and how to blend samples, Soul'd Out also features two excellent MCs who make A-L's beats sound even better. Mike Wird is magnetically understated and poetic, and Pavlo Kee knows how to get into a beat with potent rhymes. The EP's one relative weakness is the track "Money and the Meaning of Life," which dabbles in clich├ęs and includes singing that is too bright for the song's downtrodden tone. But all in all, Soul'd Out is overwhelmingly strong. "Give a Poor Man a Break," which features DJ Fast4Ward and pulls some pieces from foundational old-school hip-hop, is a particular highlight. Strong performances all around make Soul'd Out a wonderful record to groove to.

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