The Swayback

"Die Finks" sounds like the Swayback branching out from the core sound it explored so well on 2008's Long Gone Lads. It's a departure from the jittery punk rock of the band's earliest days and a step away from the post-punk that defined its middle period. Eric Halborg's vocals take on a soulful tone, like Ian Astbury in his finest moments. The intersection of richly dark rhythms and tasteful guitar fire gives the song a bracing intensity that resists the temptation for self-indulgent instrumental passages. Memorable and engagingly edgy. The B-side, "Steamrolling," has a raunchy, bluesy sound that's equal parts Rolling Stones and psychedelic garage rock. If anything, though, this seven-inch shows the long-running band finding a strong voice that's very much its own, pulling its roots into a unified whole.


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