The Swayback gets prime front page exposure on

Don't know if has the same sort of cache these days as its predecessor, which was essentially the go to site for band listings during the '90s, a much relied upon resource much like is today, but the prime exposure it's giving to the Swayback right now on its front page is enviable.

The Swayback gets prime front page exposure on

The catalyst for the exposure? An in-depth Q&A with the band in advance of its show on Tuesday, February 16 at the Viper Room in Los Angeles. The piece touches upon an array of topics, from what it was like to work with Andy Johns to exploring the roots of the Swayback's sound in terms of influences and how the group's aesthetic has evolved since working with Johns. It's a good look for the Swayback and fitting introduction to a national audience that will hopefully generate a decent amount of interest in the longstanding Denver band.

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