The ten best comedic musicians

The ten best comedic musicians

Seriously funny musicians are compelled to seriously not make serious music, finding the absurd around every corner of a melodious jack-in-the-box. Pop goes the weasel, 'cuz the weasel goes pop! When most musicians give in to an urge to create dramatic music, these comedic musicians can't help but take the Mickey out of the nitty-gritty by pulling a rabbit out of their hat with a rubber chicken. Keep reading for the ten best comedic musicians.

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10. Jimmy Fallon

Fallon should quit his day job as a late-show host and get hired back as a musical impersonator for the sake of humanity. Fallon has a potpourri of parodies in his repertoire, impeccably covering musicians like Dave Mathews, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, etc. If he had the time, he could probably do an impression of every musician in existence. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Not only are his lyrics belly-busting, but his musicianship is as good as a heart of gold.

9. The Lonely Island

The Lonely Island is the first group of comedic musicians to achieve popularity virally, infecting the public's funny bone and causing viewers to laugh at their boring stationary laptops instead of their boring stationary televisions. Also, this trio lured many musicians to its lonely island to collaborate and mentally masturbate vocals on each other. If you enjoy fucking each other's moms or graciously giving your girlfriend a dick in a box, then this is the right rabbit-hole slip-and-slide to go down.

8. Flight of the Conchords

These dull sheepherders from New Zealand jab with frail confidence at their lives which are just about empty and nonexistent. This painful musical mirroring of most of the meek lives led by present-day humans pours salt on wounds while opening mouths wide with laughter. Flight of the Conchord's dry, clever phrasing can cause most to tear up due to prolonged laughter.

7. Stephen Lynch

Hilariously offensive to say the least, Stephen Lynch's lyrics kick you in the groin until you're red in the face before blindly pushing you into a cesspool. No subjects are off limits with Lynch. For instance, after reading the Bible (as he always does), Lynch wrote a song about Jesus Christ's habitually sinful brother, Craig Christ. If he doesn't go to hell for that one, he'll go to hell for every other song he's stabbed in the side and crucified.

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