The ten best EDM songs of 2012

The ten best EDM songs of 2012
Britt Chester

It's impossible to ignore the fact that EDM spent this year in the spotlight -- and while much of America spent the last twelve months focusing on "the drop," it's not the most important part of the scene by any stretch. We've already given you our rundown of the ten best Denver EDM and dubstep shows of 2012, and it's time for the scene's best songs. After scouring the internet and our own catalogs, bootlegs, remixes, compilations and soundboards, we put together this list of the ten best EDM songs released this year. As usual, let us know your favorites in the comments section.

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10. Porter Robinson's "Language"

This young producer hailing from the East Coast made music, got popular nods from some of the biggest names in the industry and instantly began selling out shows. With songs like "Language," it's easy to see why. The uplifting female vocals here contrast with the distorted synths perfectly, giving the track a wide range of emotion.

9. Dada Life's "Rolling Stones T-Shirt"

Whether or not you subscribe to the party-anthem style of dance music -- which, it's important to note, is only one panel of the umbrella of EDM -- Dada Life makes happy dancing music. "Rolling Stones T-Shirt" was teased before its release and regarded even then with acclaim from the dance community. But once it came out, it induced all-out mayhem on the dance floor: Bananas, champagne bottles, and Rolling Stones T-shirts began popping up at shows everywhere, making it OK to shop for old rock'n'roll shirts at Goodwill and still party on the dance floor at a rave.

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