The ten best hip-hop DJs in Denver

DJ Ktone with B.o.B. at his birthday celebration earlier this year.
DJ Ktone with B.o.B. at his birthday celebration earlier this year.
Ken Hamblin

Denver's hip-hop scene is ripe with talent, especially in terms of the great DJs that fans have access to. You can walk into dozens of clubs, bars, patios, pool parties or even corporate events that just happen to be hosted by one of the town's best. The competition is stiff, and a following here can easily be lost virtually overnight. The ten DJs (plus a few honorable mentions) on this list have the accolades, longevity, technical skills, marketing ability and hustle to keep their crowds.

10. DJ Shakeone

Shakeone is often overlooked as one of the premier DJs in the scene, but this year certainly solidified his place, with a victory over Cysko Rokwel at the 2014 DMC regional finals. He has been a regional and national finalist multiple times, and his cutting, juggling and mixing skills are top-tier. Shakeone gives that nostalgic feel for those yearning for the good old days of vinyl and two tables. He's rocked parties for T.I., Governor Hickenlooper and even Charlie Sheen. He also won the King of Lodo DJ Championship 2014.

9. DJ Topshelf

Topshelf is one of the newest DJs to solidify a place in the scene. Hailing from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but currently a Denver fan favorite, he's a member of the Core DJs. Topshelf has quickly become of one of the premier party rockers and has a mix show on Sirius radio's Shade 45. Often he is one of the main DJs for 3Deep productions concerts, rocking heavy with a Southern bevy of hits. He can be found weekly at clubs, banging the latest hits while mixing in exclusive underground tracks from Denver and around the country.

8. KDJ Above

KDJ Above has some of the most unique neo-soul/top 40 mashups, making him one of the favorites of the refined hip-hop listener. His set at the second annual Building Connections DJ competition has become a piece of urban legend: Battling DJ Ktone for the crown, KDJ Above went from the early-'80s era through '90s hits to current hip-hop with ease when suddenly the speakers blew. Everyone in the building by then was ecstatic. Even the bartenders were dancing on the bar. His technical skills are incredible, thanks in part to his part work as a KS107.5 mixer and weekly club DJ for years at premier parties.

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