The ten best rap videos of all time

The ten best rap videos of all time

There's nothing like a music video to bring out the character in a song. Unfortunately, these days, music videos tend to be mostly the same, especially rap videos. Needless to say, it's refreshing when a clip comes along that is different and creative enough to grab and hold your attention. With that in mind, here are the ten best rap videos of all time.

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10. OutKast - "B.O.B" The video for "B.O.B" is something like what you might see if you took a tab of acid and chased it with a shot of adrenaline. Andre 3000 and Big Boi perform in neon tunnels and over technicolor streets continuously moving toward the inevitable party at the end, fully furnished with contorting dancers, blazing DJs and a house choir. Oh, and there's a monkey, too.

9. Eminem - "My Name Is" "My Name Is" was the perfect video to introduce the irreverent Slim Shady to the ADD-riddled, TV-addicted Millennial Generation. One of the first images we see is a straightjacket-bound Eminem in therapy with Dr. Dre -- a fitting first look at the rest of his life in the public eye. Much of the rest of the video is comprised of vignettes that imitate the mediums of various television programs, like Cops, press conferences and music videos, all under the gaze of the typified slovenly, obese American couple.

8. A Tribe Called Quest - "Scenario" "Scenario" is the kind of self-reflective meta-video that only works because it doesn't take itself too seriously. Using cartoonish graphics that match the silliness of the lyrics, Tribe pokes fun at the contrived way videos are often made, using throwaway "street" and underwater backgrounds, scrolling through outfits and cheesy effects. The whole thing is colorful, self-aware and funny, like pretty much everything ATCQ does.

7. 2 Chainz - "Birthday Song" "Birthday Song" is one of the strangest, most mesmerizing videos you'll see. It's like a post-apocalyptic birthday party if it were all a dream. The video has the typical women shaking their asses, but it's all very robotic and a little disturbing, like when 2 Chainz walks outside to a line of expressionless men in dress shirts getting cursory lap dances from women with cartoonish proportions. This video skirts the line between exploitation and irony, and it definitely leaves a mark.

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