The ten best "yeahs" in recent music history

The ten best "yeahs" in recent music history
Aaron Thackeray

Granted, sometimes invoking a pithy "yeah" in song might seem like token verbalizing just to fill in the gaps when a singer can't think of anything else to say. No argument there. Sometimes, though, a forceful "yeah" can express all kinds of raw, unbridled emotion (see James Hetfield). Uh-huh. Yeah. Exactly. See what I'm saying? Keep reading for a quick rundown of the best "yeahs" in music history. Yeaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

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10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs (yeah, nothing in particular, just...that name!) Okay, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs get a place on this list because of their name. I mean, anyone who's committed enough to the glory and wonder of the "yeah" to name their band after it merits automatic inclusion in something like this, don't you think?

9. The Beatles - "She Loves You" The early Beatles' poppy, campy "yeahs" are the stuff of legend, and "She Loves You" is the crown jewel of their "yeah" empire. What was it about those "yeahs" that made teen girls want to rip off their bobby socks and go berserk? Songs like "She Loves You" conjure up a simpler time, before John and Paul wrote all their songs from beneath a barbiturate haze in Ravi Shankar's opium den.

8. Outkast - "Hey Ya!" "Hey Ya!" marked the moment when America realized that Andre 3000 was kind of a freak, but we were really into it. This song gave us so much, from fashionable plaid golf pants to endless debates over the effectiveness of shaking Polaroids (spoiler: It doesn't work). But the gentle "Hey ya" chorus backing up the frantic verses really sealed the deal. This song managed to turn two filler words into one of the catchiest choruses of the 2000s. What's cooler than being cool?

7. Yello - "Oh Yeah" Did you think that when you skipped school you would have an incredible time, like Ferris Bueller, instead of just sitting alone in your basement eating pizza rolls and playing Halo? Oh, how wrong you were. Regardless, this '80s Eurotrash wonder was the centerpiece of Bueller's reckless theft of Cameron's sweet, sweet ride: the cherry-red Ferrari. Ooooohhhh, yeeeeaaaahhhh.

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