The ten metaliest metal bands

The ten metaliest metal bands

There is the best of this, the best of that, and then you have the metaliest metal bands forged by lyrical blacksmiths deep down in the mines of heavy metal. The metaliest, you know, metal. Not as in the genre-est of metal, but the bands that sing of metal the word or the scientific elements while slaying the genre of heavy metal. These metal bands have metal on the mind, metal plates in their heads, and a tendency towards a high iron diet. Keep reading for the ten metaliest metal bands.

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10. Metallica Metallica hasn't been on many lists except for shit lists in its latter years, but the band's metaliness has been rich with them right from the start -- the moment you utter the outfit's name. Kill 'Em All was almost called Metal Up Your Ass, which, ouch!, was the act's demo album from the year before. Metal Up Your Ass also became one of their most popular T-shirts. Most of Metallica's metaliness was on the first album, along with the song "Metal Militia," but Death Magnetic was the most recent album which could draw you nearer if you were dead.

9. Black Sabbath "Iron Man" was only the second heavy metal single to terrorize parents' ears, but it was the first biggest lump of iron ore in heavy metal to thud into the laps of metal younglings. "He was turned to steel, in the great magnetic field," and then he Godzilla stomps and kicks ass with his "Heavy boots of lead."

8. Judas Priest Lead vocal blaster Rob Halford is known for bringing in the metal studs on tight leather look into the virtually nonexistent metal attire supply, as well as famously riding his rumbling motorcycle on stage at the end of each show. British Steel was slapped with a huge razor blade on its cover, and while two buzzsaw tires on a motorcycle grace Painkiller. "Hard as Iron," "Steeler," "Metal Meltdown," and two metal references in one song title on "Between the Hammer & the Anvil" weld on Judas Priest as heavy metal metal devotees.

7. Motörhead The many fine tunes of Motörhead fixed together is just one big wet dream joyride on the open road with long hair flapping behind, fist pumping pistons, and gas guzzling motorized vehicles. Albums like Motörizer, along with songs with names like "Iron Fist," "The Hammer," and "Iron Horse/Born to Lose" fetters iron lung Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead to metal on the mind.

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