The ten most underrated rappers of all time

The ten most underrated rappers of all time

What contributes to a rapper's underrated status? Is it the unwillingness to compromise? The inability to compromise? An early demise? Bad promotion? Possibly all of these things and more? Whatever the case, with these rappers, it's certainly not for a lack of talent. We put together a list of the ten most underrated rappers of all time, ranked by their status as compared to their skill level. Continue on to see who made the list.

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10. Black Thought Black Thought would rank higher, but the Roots are one of the most beloved crossover hip-hop acts today, and everybody knows who they are as a group, but Black Thought himself is not a household name -- which is a shame, because he's the complete package as an MC: His flow is like a multi-layer tapestry of constantly switching schemes and internal rhyme; he's never at a loss for important things to say; and the words he uses are fresh, original and arranged in unexpected ways. He's even a proficient freestyler, which is quickly becoming a lost art.

9. Cage Cage is not an easy pill to swallow, and that's probably what prevented his career from really taking off -- that and an untimely beef with Eminem. But if you're in a bad mood, and you feel, for whatever reason, like you need to be surrounded by hateful things, it doesn't get any better than Movies for the Blind, particularly "Agent Orange," which is brutally violent yet startlingly precise. With few exceptions, the whole album is on point. But whatever hardcore fans Cage gained from Movies, he lost a fair few by turning from bitter vitriol to a more contemplative MC, and then, tragically, with his latest release, emo. But the early Cage of the Weathermen and Leak Bros fame was a sight to behold, a beast in the truest sense of the word.

8. Mac Dre Don't let Mac Dre's ordinary-sounding name fool you: He's one of the most innovative, charismatic hip-hop artists in recent history. One of the pioneers of the irresistibly idiosyncratic hyphy movement, Mac Dre is still a hero in the Bay Area, where his renown is comparable only to the likes of an E-40 or Mistah F.A.B., both of whom could also be contenders for this list. Dre became a legend when, while serving time in prison, he recorded many of the vocals for his Young Black Brotha album over the phone. Dre recorded twelve solo albums before he was shot and killed while riding in his car. It's not a case of quantity over quality with albums like Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics, which have massive crossover appeal. Once you fall in love with his style, most all of them slap.

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