The ten worst collaborations in metal

The ten worst collaborations in metal
Eric Gruneisen

Magic can certainly happen in the recording studio, but with some collaborations, a witch's brew with a horrid stink can also boil over. Huge, lottery-sized paychecks evidently blinded the poor fools involved from seeing what truly awful things they were creating. Where's Marty McFly when you need him? If only he could go back in time and pull the plug on these unholy unions. Keep reading for the ten worst collaborations in metal.

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10. Korn & Ice Cube - "Children of the Korn" Two and a half albums into Korn's career, "Children of the Korn" marks the band's fall into the abysmal abyss of nu-metal on a collaboration that lacked collaboration. It sounds as if Jonathon Davis and Ice Cube recorded their vocals on opposite sides of the planet. The best part of the song is at the end, when Ice Cube yells "Beeatch!" A hint of hip-hop in Korn works, but this much was too hard to handle and too cold to hold.

9. Metallica & Marianne Faithfull - "The Memory Remains" Metallica has never had a successful collaboration, and if they ever decide to stop collaborating, they'd be doing the world a favor. The only part Marianne Faithfull sings is "Da, da, da, da, da." Is it really a musical effort if there aren't any words sung? Okay, she mumbles a few other words, too; it's more of a whisper than singing. Presidential candidates collaborate more with musicians during elections with no rhythm and singing the wrong lyrics.

8. Coal Chamber & Ozzy - "Shock the Monkey" "Shock the monkey, hey, hey." No, no! Let the monkey fling all his poo at this shit! If the guitar was any more stripped back, you'd hit the bone of this starved-to-death song. When you're collaborating, you should at least take the time to create an original song, being that you've never worked together before. Covering a Peter Gabriel song like this is just a quick way to make a buck.

7. Puff Daddy & Page - "Come With Me" "Come With Me" is just another unoriginal song by Puff Daddy. "Kashmir" was an untainted Led Zeppelin classic until someone shoved a shit-ton of Benjamins under Jimmy Page's nose. Page should've known better, being the genius that he is. This collaboration ripped the heart out of Zeppelin fans and then took a massive dump on it. Not only did this happen, but it was also featured on the massive failure that was Godzilla. Page could do no wrong until this fusion of failure.

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