The ten worst hip-hop Christmas songs

The ten worst hip-hop Christmas songs

Every holiday season, we're blessed with great renditions of classic Christmas songs to warm our spirits, but along with that also comes a lists of well meaning yuletide flops. This is especially the case in hip-hop, in which rhyming about Christmas has not always produced the best results. Here are ten hip-hop Christmas flops.

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10. Jim Jones - "Ballin' On Xmas" Dipset Christmas, which dropped in 2006, is full Christmas laughs. The album produced plenty of gift wrapped tracks destined for ridicule, this one from Jim Jones especially so. The beat on this song is actually very hip-hop, and could have been a great song for some other theme, but Jones instead destroys the beat with poorly delivered narcissistic rhymes before throwing in a random "Fa la la la la" that is as awkward as his rendition of Jingle Bells for the Chorus.

9. 69 Boyz featuring Quad City DJ's - "What You Want for Christmas" With "Tootsie Roll," 69 Boyz delivered a classic hip hop song with the Quad City DJ's, but that magic didn't transfer to this yule tide flop of a song. This is 1990's booty-shaking music meets Christmas, sprinkled with a some grimy rhymes, with a 'hood rendition of the twelve days Christmas and a chorus that screams, "Fuck Christmas," literally.

8. Busta Rhymes feat Jim Carey - "The Grinch" This horrendous track came out on the Jim Carrey film "The Grinch." Busta does his best job of making the rhymes fresh, but everything about this track sounds forced with a Jim Carrey drop: "I want to give a shout out to the West Side of Whoville." Thankfully the song is short with only one verse and chorus that is sung by group of Whos.

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