The Tuna Helpers

The story starts like this: Five years ago, two sisters by the names of Adrienne the Anemone and Bethany the Barracuda decide to mix ornate, goth-shaded pop music with puppetry, sign language and a flair for sheer fantasy. Enlisting the aid of drummer Khattie the Katfish, the Austin-based outfit began confounding audiences with a surreal, Tim-Burton-meets-Kate-Bush stage pageant. But as spectacular as the Helpers' visuals are, they can't overshadow their music. The Suspicious Fish, the trio's debut, weaves operatic, piano-anchored spells of art rock that imagine Azure Ray taking up residence in a Neil Gaiman graphic novel: all mystery, melody and magic. Come down to the Tavern tonight to witness the Tuna Helpers in all their arcane, oceanic glory. They'll no doubt be waiting with baited breath.


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