The twelve best moments from Phish's fall tour

The twelve best moments from Phish's fall tour
Brandon Marshall

There was a lot of excitement leading up to Phish's Fall tour, as indoor Phish is a whole different monster from the summer shed extravaganzas that leave you in the sunlight for the first set; these shows get dark and dirty from the get go. The band rehearsed and wrote new material in a barn together prior to the Fall tour, and the work they put in was evident as new life was breathed into old classics that had become pretty standard, as well as just the sheer difference in moods that the same song would have on any given night. Here are the twelve best musical moments of the 2013 Phish Fall Tour.

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12."Roggae" - Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA, 10/18/13 This jam isn't the most exploratory by any means, but it came as such a surprise from a song that doesn't get the extended treatment much. Beautiful interplay from Mike and Trey, as they build a lush midtempo sound and the piano twinkles alongside until they build into a rousing, stomping end.

11."Drowned" - DCU Center, 10/26/13 A welcome and surprising second set opener, this classic from the Who's Quadrophenia exploded in Worcester. They carefully went off the deep end, maintaining a peaceful chordal groove, until Gordon and Anastasio began to weave careful high melodies, as a "Sitting in Limbo" by Jimmy Cliff tease took the whole thing on a psychedelic lullaby turn.

10. "Twist" - Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ, 11/1/13 On a Halloween run where they tossed their main gimmick, the band threw back many smaller ones. Here, Trey plays a riff, takes it up a key and teases Leo Sayer's "Long Tall Glasses" while smoothly placing the melody line for "Get Back" by The Beatles in, and the band begins to play ascending notes, and then just hitting crescendos with the crowd going nuts for every repetition. Trey begins to tease Queen's "Under Pressure," and McConnell immediately falls in with the piano part. They keep playing it into the bridge and jam it out with butchered lyrics but a ton of spirit.

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9. "Golden Age" - XL Center, Hartford, CT, 10/27/13 This TV on the Radio cover gets mixed reviews from fans, but regardless of what you think of the first part, it's been getting really interesting when they go Type II with it. Page putting the emphasis on the first note of the measure gives the rest of the band lots of room to play in. A "Manteca" type rhythm kept it light and jazzy here, with Fishman building up the tension as Gordon threw bouncy notes out to the crowd. When the main melody sneaks in and fades away, they go into some bubbly, underwater funk. Some off tempo wooing goes on, and Page shuts them all up, ravaging the clavinet until a gorgeous outro with delicate Siket Disc-like beautiful noise leads them out.

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