The twenty best concert quotes of 2012

The twenty best concert quotes of 2012
Brandon Marshall

We go to concerts for the music, but the best moments are often unrehearsed. For some bands, a show is just a series of songs -- the moments between, nothing but time to be killed until the music begins again. But we don't go to concerts to kill time-- and, truly, we don't go to hear songs, either, because we can do that much more comfortably and with less money at home, where beer doesn't cost $5 a glass. The reason we go to shows is to connect with a group that first connected with us. Whether they're funny, sentimental, crude or inspiring, some musicians do it better than others. Here are the twenty best quotes from concerts this year.

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The twenty best concert quotes of 2012
Eric Gruneisen

20. Paul Stanley of KISS, Comfort Dental Amphitheatre, 8/8/12

"There's a curfew. Oh! We don't wanna listen to the curfew. We gotta beat this curfew. They're telling us we can't play, and we say, 'We'll take our chances.'"

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19. Blag Dahlia of Dwarves, Gothic Theatre, 9/1/12

"I knew I'd figure out what that song was eventually. Yeah, they all sound the same to me, too."

18. Wil-Dog Abers of Ozomatli, The Spot at Urban Peak, 8/20/12

"It's possible to change, and it's possible to change the way you feel about yourself."

17. Dave Chandler of Saint Vitus, Bluebird Theater, 10/3/12

"Governments can do one thing: turn their back on you and fuck you in the ass at the same time."

16. Mojo Nixon, Lion's Lair, 4/14/12

"Tim Tebow has never been laid. Tim Tebow has never been drunk. Tim Tebow has never had his dick sucked. I, Mojo Nixon, will suck Tim Tebow's dick to send him down the right path."

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