The Vicious Women

The title track on Queen of Nothing, the Vicious Women's latest effort, is a driving, gritty little number that has more in common with Locust Abortion Technician-era Butthole Surfers than with any of the garage rock with which this band is often lumped. But there are no guitars here — just bass, drums and vocals, and that's it. You could reasonably compare what you'll hear to early Ministry, Chrome or Brain Bombs, without the nightmarish lyrics, and the disc is not very dark or violent. There's a disorienting groove that recalls the more dance-worthy of Suicide's material, only the sound here is more organic, while "Bleed" is a curious combination of the brutal and the catchy, coupled with plaintive but primal vocals. Yes, this is a lo-fi affair, but that works very much in favor of the music's rough-hewn aesthetic. Queen of Nothing is a shining example of rock-and-roll genre-cide.


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