The Weekend Showdown: Savoy says get your ass dancing!

The Weekend Showdown: Savoy says get your ass dancing!

We would hate for you to miss out on all the awesome that happens every weekend in our fair city, so we've decided to run down five of the best shows in one easy-to-swallow post, with video and audio. Tell us -- and the rest of the world -- what we missed in the comments.

After a week with a big name show every single day, the weekend brings ... more of the same. Boulder's house party inheritors bring the beats to the Gothic on Friday, Action Packed Thrill Ride plays with a pair of Fort Collins' finest roots rock acts, and Bela Karoli gets the baroque going at the hi-dive.

Meanwhile, on the national front, Yeasayer is finally getting the hysteria it deserves, and its show at the Bluebird is way sold out. Plus, some band called Public Image Limited that maybe had something to do with the evolution of both punk music and obnoxious interviews comes to the Ogden.

01. Savoy

With Designer Drugs, Animals At Risk

Friday, April 23

Gothic Theatre. Doors open at 8pm.


Why you should go: Savoy, the subject of this week's feature, are on their way to big things. Something about dance music and Boulder is hitting a vein right now. More fuzzy and enormous than some of their predecessors, Savoy stood in for MSTRKRFT at last year's Monolith and filled their shoes just fine.



Designer Drugs

Animals At Risk

2. Action Packed Thrill Ride

With Arliss Nancy, 10-4 Eleanor

Friday, April 23

3 Kings Tavern. Show starts at 9pm.


Why you should go: We really can't say enough nice things about Action Packed Thrill Ride, particularly its live show, which is lively and concise. Arliss Nancy are somewhat new on the radar, but we suspect these guys are headed places. And 10-4 Eleanor are worth hearing as well.


Action Packed Thrill Ride

Arliss Nancy

10-4 Eleanor

3. Bela Karoli

With Sweet Tooth Meat Tooth, A Tom Collins

Friday, April 23

Hi-Dive. Show starts at 9pm.


Why you should go: The rigidity of Bela Karoli works because their music is so engaging. Sweet Tooth Meat Tooth, comprised of members of Monofog, will be an interesting opener, and A Tom Collins is worth getting there early for.


Bela Karoli

Sweet Tooth Meat Tooth

A Tom Collins

NOTE: Video is NSFW and also kind of a mindfuck.

4. Yeasayer

With Sleigh Bells

Bluebird Theatre

Saturday, April 24


Why you should go: Yeasayer emerged from the crowd of Brooklyn neo-hippies spouting elementary school advice and warped electronic beats because they're freaking awesome. Tribal and epic live, almost all their songs are rewarding. And the one or two highlight songs per album are something like awe-inspiring. Sleigh Bells are getting a lot of hype, if that's your thing.



Sleigh Bells

5. Public Image Limited

Saturday, April 24

Ogden Theatre. Show starts at 8pm


Why you should go: Public Image Limited paved the way for the 80s post-punk movement, which produced some of the best bands in the young history of rock and roll. So PiL is a little absurd and a lot pretentious. These guys are bona-fied legends, The Clash with vocal range, and it's probably worth the price just to say you were there.


Public Image Limited

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