The Whiskey Bottles

The folks in the Whiskey Bottles may be based in Boulder, but they clearly have an affinity for Southern-flavored alt-country and Midwestern Americana. Ain't No Crime, the quintet's debut, is absolutely brimming with equal amounts of grit and twang. Singers Molly Orlando and Dylan Ward pleasingly trade off lead vocals and harmonies throughout; the former belts nicely on the album's lively opener, "As I Dig This Grave," and moves into Lucinda Williams territory on the slow and achy "When You Left Me," while Ward takes the reins on the rocking "Blackjack Betty" and the Gin Blossoms-esque "Fall Upon You." Other standouts include the upbeat, foot-tapping country number "Love Is Never Easy," "Drinking Song" and "Skagway Summertime." A solid debut overall.


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