These Are Powers

On its debut album, Terrific Seasons, These Are Powers — vocalist/guitarist Anna Barie, bassist (and former member of Liars) Pat Noecker and drummer Bill Salas — craft a thick, fetid stew of no-wave post punk and drone that the group dubbed "ghost punk." Silly descriptor, perhaps, but Barie's otherworldly howls and Noecker's guttural bass render it more or less accurate. On its sophomore effort, All Aboard Future, the band has joined contemporaries like Excepter and Gang Gang Dance in furthering noise's engagement with dance music, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the music is actually danceable, or that the vibe is any less creepy. If you do go to this show — and you should — be warned: If you're obnoxious enough to Pat Noecker, he will kick you in the chest to get you to back off, as we witnessed the last time the band was in town. So watch out.


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