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If Skip Reeves had his way, Denver would be one city under a groove. The self-proclaimed Funktologist is pumping the funk back into the Mile High City every Saturday night with his Funk Above the Rest show on KUVO, spinning everything from Larry Graham and Funkadelic to the Gap Band and Kool & the Gang. Reeves is also funking things up every other Tuesday at Jazz @ Jack's, where he's launched the First School of Funk.

The Funktologist has teamed up with another uniquely named cat, Fantastic Black, who emcees the shows and starts each night off with a musical journey into the essence of funk, delivering what he calls his "poetic standup" and "poetic humorous expressions." After Black does his thing, Reeves spins heavy grooves before making room for the super juicy Soul School. "You get humor, you get music, you get dance," remarks the Fantastic one. "It's almost like a musical church. You come out feeling giddy. Even if you're straight, you come out skippin'."


First School of Funk

After one recent Funktion, even the people outside of Jack's were feeling the undeniably positive force of the funk. "A security officer who works the 16th Street Mall came and told us it was the first night in a long time that he did not have any problems with the kids out on the mall," says Reeves. "He said they were dancing to the music they heard coming from Jazz @ Jack's the whole time the band was playing. Proves my point: Good music has a positive effect."

If one night of funk just isn't enough, check out Black Soap Palace, guitarist Chris "Citrus" Sauthoff's (U.S. Pipe & the Balls Johnson Dance Machine) new funk jam sessions at Cricket on the Hill every Monday.


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