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Stop by Lincoln's Roadhouse (1201 South Pearl Street) any Sunday afternoon, and there's a good chance you'll see a hell of a lot of Harleys parked out front. It's become a tradition for bikers heading home after touring the mountains to stop by the bar to grab a few beers and catch some live blues or rockabilly.

But Sunday afternoons are a great time for anyone to get the full Lincoln's experience, with music ranging from local country swingers the Dalhart Imperials to bluesmen the Delta Sonics and a menu that features both Cajun food (po' boys, gumbo and crawfish etoufée) and such house specialties as meatloaf cheeseburgers and pot-roast burritos cooked up by chef Bobby Poirrier. It's just a damn good time, with a lot of people dancing and having fun. What's wrong with that?

For nearly as long as bikers have been frequenting the joint, though, neighbors in this increasingly yupscale area have complained about the bikes and their thundering tailpipes. And on June 4, the Denver City Council passed an ordinance stating that motorcycles in Denver will need a mandatory EPA certification stamp on their muffler or muffler system — a measure aimed at bikers with louder after-market tailpipes. If a bike makes too much noise, its owner could be slapped with a $500 fine.


Lincoln�s Roadhouse

The ordinance goes into effect on July 1, but it's already raised concerns at Lincoln's. If a cop wanted to find a bunch of loud bikes, this would be an ideal place. In order to remove temptation — and stem further neighborhood complaints — the bar is considering pulling the plug on live music on Sundays. According to manager Lance Knight, owner JimBob Housley has said that if the situation becomes too problematic, he may drop it. Knight says things heated up recently after a neighbor complained about bikes being parked on the sidewalk. But, he notes, the main reason they were there in the first place was so that riders weren't parking and starting up their bikes directly in front of houses. "We wanted to protect the neighborhood," he says.

"We sure love to have that patio open," Knight continues. "We love that camaraderie, because people love to ride their bikes. But there is a sense that we can't do it, because we don't want to upset the neighborhood anymore."

Club scout: Looks like Wednesday could be the new Thursday, with plenty of ways to kick off the weekend. As a way of attracting more ladies and gays, Rockbar (3015 East Colfax Avenue) just started up the Wednesday Rockbarbie, with DJ Dealer laying down the dance mixes. Or bring your iPod down to Slim 7 (1443 Larimer Street) and drink for free while playing your set. Down with the reggae, dancehall and some hip-hop tossed in, the Loft (821 22nd Street) offers its Blend nights with KDJ Above and Pressure. And finally, Matthew Bandy and crew now take over Parallel 17 (1600 East 17th Avenue) on Wednesday, setting up by the front window and playing live house music until last call.


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