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It's been a hectic two months for the owners of the 15th Street Tavern. In June, Myke and Jeneye Martinez were served papers notifying them that they had to vacate the location. They started scrambling to find a new spot, and on the last day of June, they held their last gig at the 15th Street Tavern. In early July, the couple spent five days moving the bar into a storage unit. Then, as they were running errands on their motorcycles, a car pulled out in front of Jeneye and she slammed into it. She came away from the accident with a broken wrist.

Near the end of July, the Martinezes met with the landlord of a Broadway storefront (much rumored to be the former Crown Mercantile spot at 46 Broadway) and started the process of securing the space. They were going to sign the lease within a few weeks. And then on July 23, Myke was on his way home when he decided to ride his motorcycle past what might be the new location of their club. But when he hit a blind sinkhole at West 12th Avenue and Acoma Street, his bike stopped dead in the hole and he slid sixty feet, Jeneye says in a MySpace bulletin.

He was taken to the hospital, where doctors discovered that two spots on his brain were bleeding. Myke also sustained multiple facial fractures, as well as a fracture at the base of his skull and at least five breaks in his left wrist. He was discharged on July 27 only after he agreed to be under 24-hour surveillance and not be left alone. Any added stress might put pressure on his brain and cause further bleeding, even bursting blood vessels, which could kill him, Jeneye says.


15th Street Tavern

So right now, the couple has put all thoughts of resurrecting their club on hold and is focusing on Myke's health instead. The 15th Street Tavern may be dead, but at least Myke is alive. There are two upcoming benefits planned for Myke at 3 Kings Tavern and Larimer Lounge.

Club scout: I'd driven by Cafe Cero (1446 South Broadway) numerous times but had never set foot in the joint until last week. Something about it looking like a house rubbed me the wrong way — but late Wednesday night, when I was driving down Broadway and saw twenty people on the patio, I decided to pay a house call. I parked, made my way to the bar and, given the crowd, prepared to wait for a drink. In the meantime, I looked over in the next room and saw some dude playing guitar and singing while wearing a creepy mask and Rasta hat.

After I finally got my beer, I moved into that room and found a seat. Now another guy was playing guitar (it was Cero's acoustic jam night), thoroughly tearing it up on a sped-up Irish jig kind of thing. A few songs later, he mentioned that it was Jerry Garcia's birthday, and then went into what I think was a Grateful Dead tune. That was Wednesday. On Thursdays, the club has just started up a new jam session with the guys from P-Nuckle, with guests Dan Sherrill and Apex Vibe.

One Wednesday, August 15, the folks from Tracks (3500 Walnut Street) will be throwing their annual Madonna party and birthday bash right next door at the Exdo Event Center (1399 35th Avenue). T.J. Espinoza, a Britney Spears backup dancer, will host the shindig; Ryan Allen Carrillo and April Corley, Madonna's principal skaters from her Confessions tour, will be strutting their stuff; and then there's the Madonna impersonator contest.

On Sunday, August 5, Kevin Larson launched his now-weekly Shangri-La pool parties at the Four Points Sheraton at Hampden and I-25 in the Denver Tech Center. These Vegas-style gatherings, which run from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays by the pool, feature guest DJs, massages, beds and cabanas.


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