This just in: Thursday is the new Friday

This just in: Thursday is the new Friday

A stunningly accurate visual depiction of Tangible Stereo.

It's been said before, but it certainly bears repeating: Thursday is the new Friday. More and more I'm finding that to be my favorite night of the week to see shows. For one, while there's still that eager anticipation of the weekend and a sense of accomplishment for having made it through another week, it comes without all the trappings of Friday, namely the wall-to-wall crowds. What's more, the lineups seem to be just as intriguing. Last Thursday, for instance, the hi-dive hosted a stacked bill featuring the Pseudo Dates, Kissing Party and Vitamins. The turnout was comfortable to the point where you could easily get a drink but you didn't feel like you were the only one watching the band.

And then last night, I popped into the Meadowlark. I had planned on getting

there way earlier, but it didn't work out that way. By the time I made

it, Tangible Stereo, a band I hadn't seen before, was a few songs into

its set. Looking forward to seeing these guys again. From what I

managed to catch -- I ducked out to the back patio for a smoke before

the end of the set, mainly because after a few songs the sound was so

punishingly loud I had to pull myself out of the game, and I had

earplugs! -- the band is a frenetic mass of energy and was playing some really

interesting, proggy post-punk. After that, the Fell, a band I'm currently enamored of, played an enjoyable, stripped-down set of

the finest dream rock this side of A Shoreline Dream, Moonspeed or the Overcasters. All in all, it made

getting up this morning a hell of a lot more fulfilling.

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