This Will Destroy You

It's a safe bet that all ambient instrumental rock after the turn of the century will inevitably be compared to Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Sigur Rós. Even compelling acts such as This Will Destroy You will be subjected to such lazy comparisons. In this case, the association isn't completely off base, as This Will Destroy You does strike at the epic infiniteness of those two groups. At the same time, its methods of doing so are very different. The band's guitar sound is founded more in post-hardcore context as it reaches for something more gorgeous and colossal than just trying to exorcise the angst and outrage of the punk-rock heart — something we've heard so many times before. This Will Destroy You perfectly captures the awe and inspiration of seeing the sun climb over the morning horizon, and its hopeful, majestic songs will reset your expectations for post-rock.


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