Thomas Tha Franchise

"Let me tell you what it feels like," begins Thomas Tha Franchise's Caffeine Dreams, a reference to Hoodie Allen, a clear influence to whom Thomas also nods in "Thumbs Up." Both Thomas's and Allen's songs are anthemic, suitable for bumping in cars and at frat parties. Like Allen, Thomas has a penchant for hooks, and though his mostly cursory lyrics are a relative weakness, they aren't a burden. Beats for Caffeine Dreams are consistently strong, with the Purity Ring-like "Where's Your Soul" being a highlight. More variety in subject matter would give the album extra depth, but moments like the one in the title track in which Thomas sings a passage of Sublime's "What I Got" show a refreshing willingness to step outside the box. Caffeine Dreams isn't destined for the Library of Congress, but it's a good time, and it deserves attention from the local scene and beyond.


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