Jon Mikl Thor first came to prominence in the early '70s as a completely unabashed impersonator of the Norse god Thor. Since then, the Canada native -- whose albums are rife with, at best, second-tier epic metal that would make even the most shmaltzy of metal bands blush -- has enjoyed a four-decade-long career worthy of one of Andy Kaufman's most absurd and insidious jokes. Sometimes, though, it's about more than just the music. Take GWAR, for example: Anyone who says that the group's appeal goes much beyond its kitschy, gross-out performances is kidding themselves. Thor has a similar proclivity for theatrics; on stage, he's been known to bend steel bars with his teeth and inflate hot-water bottles until they explode. Touring in support of his latest effort, the appropriately titled Devastation of Musculation, Thor brings his hilarious and histrionic stage antics to 3 Kings, where he'll share the bill with another purveyor of cheesy glam, sci-fi rocker Zolar X.


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