Ticketmaster fan reviews of ten Colorado acts

Ticketmaster fan reviews of ten Colorado acts
Eric Gruneisen

So we were looking something up on Ticketmaster the other day, and it turns out the site is quite a treasure trove of fan reviews. Kind of like the Yelp of music, only without all the vitriol. Who knew, right? Granted, some of the criticism is misdirected, from complaints about the sound or the venue to the merits of the opening acts or the elements, but the reviews are at least honest. Out of curiosity, we plugged in ten of the more marquee names from the scene, and here's how they fared, based on the number of reviews.

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Ticketmaster fan reviews of ten Colorado acts
Erin Preston

10. Gregory Alan Isakov 5/5 stars (5 reviews)

Thumbs Up: "I was totally absorbed by his voice, his humble quiet way and brilliant music. This was my first introduction to him live and will now be following him constantly. It is amazing to see such raw talent oozing from him and his group. Truly brilliant." - Greenbottle, Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY, 7/18/13

Thumbs Down: None to speak of.

Ticketmaster fan reviews of ten Colorado acts
Alicia J. Rose

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9. Leftover Salmon 4.9 / 5 (18 reviews)

Thumbs Up: "I have never seen these guys before, but I love bluegrass. These guys were a little electric, which I like, but I don't love drums with a bluegrass band. This is the only reason I didn't give them 5 stars. Incredible banjo player." - Wanker101, Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA, 10/4/12

Thumbs (sorta) Down: "Loved the energy, the connection onstage, the great music that went on forever, the guest musicians, every bit of it. But I was a bit disappointed to meet them afterward and learn they weren't very nice. Onstage, a different facade." - BabyBoomerBloomer, The Orange Peel - Asheville, NC, 10/8/12

Ticketmaster fan reviews of ten Colorado acts
Aaron Thackeray

8. Breathe Carolina 4.7 / 5 (57 reviews)

Thumbs Up: "Breathe Carolina. I fall more in love with them each time I listen to them, and hearing them live increases that love tenfold!! Dave and Kyle are simply THE BEST. Amazing voices, amazing songs, amazing energy, amazing personality, just plain amazing guys!! They never fail to tell us that they love us, and we love them too!!!" - Marceline, Newport Music Hall - Colombus, OH, 4/26/12

Thumbs (sorta) Down: "The closer was Breathe Carolina and I was really on the fence with them. I have a couple of their cds, but don't listen much because it's too poppy for me, but they really added the rock to their live shows. I also didn't know they actually played instruments. The guitarist even plays a keytar, haha. Everyone was jumping and/or dancing and I was impressed with the set they put together." - MrNumber9, Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA, 8/13/11

Ticketmaster fan reviews of ten Colorado acts
Brandon Marshall

7. DeVotchKa 4.7 / 5 (63 reviews)

Thumbs Up: "Never has a concert moved me as much as this concert. It was simply the best concert I've ever been to. Nick (lead vocalist) had perfect pitch through every song; watching Tom on the violin and accordion was hypnotizing, his ability is mind-bending." - eLindemann, Sixth & I Historic Synagogue - Washington, DC, 9/13/12

Thumbs Down: "DeVotchKa, though extremely talented and musically diverse put on a great show, with attention to detail -- augmenting their act with live dancers, shadowplays and projected images. However, all of the skill seemed to be for naught, as their stage presence didn't really seem to stir the audience and the tunes all ended up coming across as a generic melange of international instrumentation, all averaging out to the same basic song, over and over. I was hoping to be blow away, and was neither under- nor over-... I was simply whelmed." - MusicBoxer, The Music Box - Hollywood, CA, 3/12/11

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