Titwrench Mastermind Sarah Slater
Titwrench Mastermind Sarah Slater

Titwrench organizers need some help making this year's festival a reality

Titwrench Fest, a Best of Denver winner, and one of the more important reminders of why Denver is so fucking awesome, is entering its third consecutive year of service to our beloved city this coming July 28-30 at G.L.O.B. and the Mercury Cafe.

This time around, the lovely ladies behind the now world-famous event are in need of some serious help. Festival founder, organizer and Mastermind, Sarah Slater, has set up a Kickstarter fund to help with this year's event.

The Kickstarter drive is currently just shy of achieving its goal, and there's only a couple of days left to show them some love. At precisely 11:59 a.m. this Saturday, the project will officially be closed to all incoming support. So now's your chance to open your hearts, dig deep into your pockets, money clips... uh, brassieres -- and throw some cash in this essential festival's direction before it's too late!

If four days of the most amazing fem/queer-centric artwork and music this universe has to offer isn't enough to pry your wallet open, there's some awesome giveaway items to entice you, including hand-screened posters designed by regular Titwrench contributor Katrin Davis, as well as buttons, bags, limited 'zines, and even the possibility of a bike ride to Lakeside with the entire Titwrench gang. Check out Titwrench's goose-bump-raising Kickstarter video below.


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