To get a good idea of what Tjutjuna's self-titled album is all about, look no further than the cover: It's a depiction of the band's namesake, the Siberian equivalent of Sasquatch, wearing sunglasses with rainbow lenses, the universe and stars behind him. He looks as if he's peeled back the ocean floor; similarly, most of the seven instrumentals here will give you the feeling that layers of your brain are being peeled back, especially the first two cuts, "Mosquito Hawk" — possibly a nod to space-rock pioneers Hawkwind — and "Rise/Set." Tjutjuna, made up of former members of Mothership, has a sound that's big, heavy and hairy, and you don't necessarily need rainbow lenses to get lost in the band's vast land of cosmic psychedelia. The music does that for you.


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