Tjutjuna at Larimer Lounge

The elusive Tjutjuna, the Siberian equivalent of Sasquatch, roams the highlands of eastern Russia. Tjutjuna (due at the Larimer Lounge on Wednesday, September 2) is also an experimental band from Denver that comprises four of the former members of the ambitious space-rock group Mothership. As with that outfit of cosmic travelers, this latest project explores the possibilities of stirring interlacing, drifting atmospheres to dizzying heights and ramping them up to the heady intensity of escape velocity. Incandescent drones, plasma jets of streaming distortion and pounding rhythms launch each of the band's songs into multi-layered hysterics that are the musical equivalent of a quasar gushing forth the energy of suns to be. In the vein of psychedelic bands like Hawkwind and Acid Mothers Temple, Tjutjuna shares a penchant for pushing the limits of sound and song structure.


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