To Be Eaten

Formed in 2003 by the members of Rivers Run Dry, To Be Eaten -- which will play one of its last shows ever this Friday, October 20, at the Marquis Theater, with Cephalic Carnage, Elucidarius and AinMatter -- has produced some of Denver's most jarring and devastatingly intense metal. Evoking a sheer sense of crushing dread with music that sounds like something you'd expect to hear standing at the gates of the underworld, To Be Eaten has developed an overwhelming presence, particularly live, thanks to savagely brutal guitar work, subterranean growls and abrupt and proggy rhythms that shift and collide at will. With most band splits, there's usually a bright side -- that is, the new outfits that inevitably crop up after the fact. To that end, guitarist Ben Pittz already has something of a head start on his mates: In addition to To Be Eaten, Pittz has been plying his guitar wizardry with his other project, the New Rome.


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