Toby Keith

Toby Keith may not really be a dick, but he plays one on CD. He generally comes across as ultra-smug, as if rubbing his popularity in the noses of intellectual elitists were half the fun of success. Yet the attitudinal aggressiveness that dominates White Trash is vastly preferable to the stuff squeezed out by the bland pretty boys and generic poseurs who clog the country airwaves.

Not that Keith is especially original; the key phrase in the randy "Get Drunk & Be Somebody" hasn't been fresh since Gilley's installed its first mechanical horse. And when he tries to get sensitive on "Crash Here Tonight," featuring the gag-o-rific couplet "See one candle burning in your eye/And watch my heart fill up with butterflies," he sounds like a Keith Urban retread with no chance to boink Nicole Kidman. Still, he pulls off the string-laden "A Little Too Late" and the introspective "Note to Self," not to mention "Runnin' Block," which is rude, sexist and pretty damn funny.

If you're feeling like a dick, that is.


Toby Keith


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