Tom Waits for No One

Tom Waits for No One

So, the one and only Metropolitan Tom Waits, once a mainstay around these parts, has announced his summer tour plans. Guess what... no Denver date!! Two freaking shows in Phoenix (two!!), and he's even making his way to St. Louis, but nothing for us?! Waits explains the glaring oversight routing, or "PEHDTSCKAJMBA," as he puts it, after the jump.

C'mon, Tom, you remember us, right? Ebbets Field? You kicking it here back in the day? So, WTF, man? No Denver Date?! What are we flyover country? There's gotta be a second leg you haven't announced yet, right? If not, maybe you and those Radiohead kids should go on the road together, call it the Everywhere But Denver Tour. Pffth!

-- Dave Herrera

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