Tommy Largo spins on April 21 at Wicked Garden

In 1983, Tommy Largo began crate-digging, looking mostly for old disco, funk and soul records. And as electronica lovers know, there's a fine line between disco records and house music, which Largo discovered in 1986. Now based out of the Netherlands, Largo has played all over the the planet and is creating tracks that Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak and others spin into their sets. When he's not touring, he's creating new tracks and remixes in his studio. Although his recently released album, At a Different Tempo, features Largo-style downtempo tracks, Largo's sound is still largely influenced by the funk and soul albums he first fell in love with as a youngster. Largo will be stopping at Wicked Garden on Thursday, April 21, for a bill that also includes DJ Beufie (New Mexico/Native Soul Recordings) and Denver's own Tony Rodelli and Brett Starr.


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