Tonight: The Biters at 3 Kings Tavern

There is something about a band that looks like they want to be a band -- Atlanta's the Biters (due at 3 Kings Tavern tonight) certainly do, with Joan Jett-ish coifs and leather jackets to match. But beyond the look, there's an equally classic sound, and the quartet takes the tried-and-true route of creating rock and roll for the sake of rock and roll.

The group's latest EP, All Chewed Up, taps into Heaven Tonight-era Cheap Trick, with plenty of handclaps and pretty harmonies, all while holding on to its mildly punk roots. On the road with fellow Georgians the Booze, the Biters bring their power pop to 3 Kings tonight for a 21-and-up show. Tickets are $6-8, doors open at 9 p.m., bands start at 10.


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