Top 10 emotionally disturbed Christmas songs

Top 10 emotionally disturbed Christmas songs

Christmas songs really ought to be up little tunes -- hope, faith, charity, love and all that. But some songs have apparently snuck through the back door, drunk up all the rum, made a clumsy pass on pretty much everyone but the family dog, and are now holding court in the corner, seriously bringing down the party by talking about how much this season can suck.

So: Ten Christmas songs you probably want to leave off your office party play-list.

10. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," various artists This is one schizo little song -- most of us know the sanitized-for-your-psychological-protection Dean Martin version, but the original was sung by Judy Garland in the film Meet Me in St. Louis, and early drafts of the lyrics boasted cheery lines like "Have yourself a merry little Christmas/it may be your last/Next year we may all be living in the past." They changed that for the film, but left in equally depressing lines like "until then we'll just have to muddle through somehow ..." Jesus, Judy, have another vodka.

9. "Happy Christmas (War is Over)," John Lennon/Yoko Ono

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This dirge-like song is more an indictment of the world at large, not a celebration of much of anything. "So this is Christmas/and what have you done?/Another year older/and a new one just begun." What have I done? I've done stuff, Strawberry Fields, so get off my back. And anyway, what have you done? I mean lately? Okay, okay ... letting your wife break up one of music history's best partnerships probably does take a lot out of you.

8. "Grown-Up Christmas List," Amy Grant A person could make the case that this song is simple, sincere, and completely from the heart -- though there's a better than 80 percent chance that said person would be a single secretary with a candy dish on her desk and an obsession with the light hits of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and today. Everyone else is like: hey look, a list of generic wishes.

7. "I'll Be Home for Christmas," Bing Crosby, etc. Does this mournful holiday classic make anyone away from home for the holidays feel better ... or worse? And the way the news is delivered is sort of cruel too -- hey, Mom, get all my favorite stuff ready! Because yeah, I'm coming home for Christmas ... if only in my dreams! Psyche! That's a total holiday psyche on your ass, Mom!

6. "Santa Baby," Madonna

Not to be confused with the relatively excellent Eartha Kitt version, the Madonna version is cartoonish and weird. Why she decided to go all Betty Boop for this version is anyone's guess, but the bigger problem is that the original had some subtlety to it. Madonna is not about subtlety. Really, Madonna? You're singing a song with barely-concealed sexual subtext? Yeah, don't hump yourself too far out on that limb.

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