Top 10 music documentaries currently streaming on Netflix

Netflix's instant streaming service is quite possibly the most amazing service in the history of mankind. Combing through its offerings, however, is no easy task. Fortunately, we've spent an inordinate amount of time watching music documentaries (so you don't have to) and have narrowed down the ten best offerings. Click through to see our picks.

10. Scott Walker 30 Century Man

Scott Walker is the quintessential weirdo musician. Need proof? Watch this documentary that features a segment in which he's watching over someone punching a slab of pork for a sound effect. He's well known for being elusive and strange, but most people will probably just recognize the song "30 Century Man" from The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. It's a little slow to start, but still worth digging into the full movie.

9. Buena Vista Social Club

Sure, we can all blame Buena Vista Social Club for our parents' weird interest in world music, but that doesn't stop this documentary from being one of the most insightful and interesting films on this list. Even if you're not a fan of the music, it's hard not to respect it.

8. You're Gonna Miss Me

It's no surprise that a few of these documentaries are about crazy musicians, but You're Gonna Miss Me pretty much takes the cake. It details the story of Roky Erickson, former frontman of the 13th Floor Elevators. Starting with his rise to rock-and-roll fame and the creation of psychedelic music, moving through his overuse of LSD and his schizophrenia, and culminating with his eventual arrest and commitment to an insane asylum, this is one of the greatest rock and roll stories out there.

7. The Flaming Lips: Fearless Freaks

Like all good rock documentaries, Fearless Freaks features a story about a no-name band's rise to fame, complete with drugs, bailing bandmembers and everything else. It's cliché at this point, but thankfully, the Flaming Lips are eccentric enough as people to keep it interesting.

6. LoudQUIETloud: A Film About the Pixies

It might be a bit strange for Pixies fans that this documentary picks up during the 2006 reunion, but let's be honest: Not many were fans of the Pixies when they first starting making music -- at least, not as many people as should have been. Thankfully, they managed to grab a whole bunch of new fans after they broke up.

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